Bone Grafting

Bone Block Grafting

Over a period of time, the jawbone associated with missing teeth atrophies or is reabsorbed. This often leaves a condition in which there is poor quality and quantity of bone suitable for placement of dental implants. Today, we have the ability to grow bone where needed. This not only gives us the opportunity to place implants of proper length and width, it also gives us a chance to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance.

Bay Area Endodontics


Bone block allografts are used in clinical situations where a human allograft is appropriate, such as dental bone grafting procedures, sinus grafting or in conjunction with dental implant procedures. These bone blocks are harvested by a tissue bank that meets stringent specifications during donor screening and laboratory testing to reduce the risk of transmitting infectious disease. This block allograft eliminates the need for a secondary surgical procedure, thereby saving operating room time and costs, reducing pain, and shortening the rehabilitation time for the patient. In addition, special membranes may be utilized that dissolve under the gum and protect the bone graft and encourage bone regeneration.

Socket Preservation

Socket Preservation is done to preserve the bone after the extraction of a tooth. Once the tooth is extracted a bone grafting procedure is performed using harvested bone that we get from tissue banks and is placed into the extraction site. A resorbable membrane is placed on top of this bone graft to help maintain it in place. Within 6 months we have adequately maintained the bone level with this procedure.

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